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Thicken Nylon Gloves AS60810-Thicken

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Thicken Nylon Gloves

Item NO.:AS60810
                                                        Product name:Thicken Nylon Gloves
                                                        Description:13Gauge 100% white nylon knitted gloves
                                                        Features and Benefits:
                                                        This kind of seamless kntting glove is to minimize the dust in clean rooms.
                                                         Flexible operation;Portability;anti static,Washable
                                                        Be widely used in the place with higher clean and sanitary requirement,especially for general working.

                                                        Application areas are as follows:
                                                       Electronics assembly
                                                       Computer assembly
                                                       Automotive assembly
                                                      Small parts handling
                                                       Quality checking


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